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12/7/2017 By Joel Gantt

The good news is if you’re reading this you likely operate or are well connected to a business that is in need of marketing. I assure you being in the power position is much better than being an employee of a business and having no say in how the brand or business is developed. The bad news is the stress and constant evolution of marketing and advertising seems to be at the highest rate ever leaving most business owners, office managers, and marketing execs constantly wondering if what they’re doing is the right strategy. The image below produced by Revenue Hub displays what my brain feels like at times when I take on a new marketing campaign.  

State of marketing 2017

With all of the data, platforms, likes, followers, reviews, ads, ads and more ads it’s hard to keep up. How about some facts for the marketing folks? According to this data from Neilsen captured in Q4 for 2016 TV is still #1 when it comes to video consumption. For viewing videos the United States still believes that bigger is better, that’s been the American way and it still holds true with consuming video. 

State of Media 2017

TV is still number one with TV-connected devices and desktop video viewing gaining quickly.  




























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